10 tips for renovating a kitchen in 2020

Renovating your kitchen is not something you do often. Therefore, you need to make the most of your kitchen refresh and leave no stone unturned.

A new decade means new styles and popular kitchen concepts. As we approach 2020, there are many specific kitchen features and aspects taking the fancy of forward-thinking home renovators. If you want a brilliant kitchen, you need to stay atop the trends.

As popular Sutherland Shire builders, we know the main problems faced during home renovation projects. Below are our top pieces of advice to ensure your kitchen renovations actually achieve the outcome you are craving.

1. Identify your purpose.

Knowing what you plan to use your kitchen for will help greatly with initial renovation plans. If your kitchen will be used for extensive cooking endeavours, you might need to enhance your bench space. If you enjoy entertaining, you could benefit from larger appliances that can hold or cook more food at a time. If you have children, you will need to consider what drawers or appliances you do and do not want them to have access to.

2. Think practically.

Dwell on your typical kitchen workflow and establish certain features of your kitchen that you would prefer to be close by. Most people prefer to have the sink, stove and refrigerator nearby to one another. This simplifies cooking and reduces time spent travelling between these places. You might also like some bench space in the vicinity of your oven for when you remove trays. Most importantly, you should plan where your power points are going to be placed in relation to the appliances that need to be plugged in.

3. Space, space, space.

Not only do you need food preparation space and storage space, but you also need space for foot traffic. Kitchen islands are a smart way to direct traffic and segregate areas within the kitchen. The most successful and admirable building projects will always employ every inch of space whilst still leaving ample room for manoeuvrability.

4. Only work with professional and reputable builders.

Trustworthy builders will create a home that is safe, functional and adherent to your unique requirements. Steegecorp Building have been in the industry for many years, and unfortunately we have fixed the mistakes of too many under-experienced kitchen renovation businesses.  Your renovations will be cheaper and easier if you source a reliable builder on the first go.

5. Choose clean colours.

In the modern era, many stylists and home builders are recommending simple colour schemes for kitchen areas. Ultimately, the kitchen is a space that you want to appear clean, open and orderly. Bold or outgoing colouring could result in your food preparation areas looking messy or confused.

6. Consider appliances to be an investment.

Always choose appliances from established brands that can guarantee longevity and high-performance. Some of the most popular builders recommend choosing your appliances before anything else, so that you do not end up compromising your appliance choices due to stylistic or space concerns. If your appliances are lacklustre and continually malfunctioning, your kitchen will never feel as luxurious as you want it to.

7. Decide where you will make your statement.

Every kitchen requires a statement piece or feature that defines the entire mood of the area. The most common ways to style a kitchen are with a statement wall, statement backsplash feature, or statement benchtop. It is vital that you and your dedicated architect explore your material options to establish a desirable atmosphere in your kitchen.

8. Express your budget openly with your builders.

The best builders will be capable of working to a deadline and monetary restriction. As builders in Sutherland Shire, we have worked on projects large and small, and always adhered to strict budgeting requirements. Our high-quality service is provided at fair and reasonable market costs.

9. Do not underestimate the importance of storage solutions.

As aforementioned, no space should be underutilised. Believe or not, modern-day storage solutions are not bulky or style-inhibiting. There are a variety of innovative ways to bring additional storage into your kitchen without cluttering your area.

10. Protect the rest of your home during the renovation.

If you are working with good builders, they will take care of all safety and damage concerns associated with the project. Particularly when only renovating a certain area within your home, it is important to safeguard the other rooms from ruin. Building companies should leave no debris or paint drippings in other spaces of your house.

Overall, renovating can seem like a daunting prospect. As long as you work with an experienced building business, it will be a seamless and rewarding venture. If you are looking for an inner-west builder, we could be the team to bring your ideas to life. Our passion, experience and quality is second to none. Contact us for more information on our home building services today.