Sutherland Shire Builder

What you need to know before building a custom home

The process of building a custom home is often the most misunderstood segment of housing hunting. 

Some people truly enjoy the process of designing and building their home and most love living in the home that they have customised for themselves. If you haven’t figured it out already, building a custom home requires a fair amount of work. That being said, if you educate yourself, assemble the right team (us) and remain realistic with your expectations, building a custom home can be an extremely rewarding experience. Luckily for you this is our speciality.

here is a simple outline process for you:

  • Hire an architect
  • Hire us as a builder!
  • Consider what other team members you need: landscape architect, interior designer, etc.
  • Monitor the building process:
    • Insurance
    • Permits
    • Payments
    • Inspections
  • Clean up
  • Landscaping
  • Move in and enjoy!