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Want to remove a wall in your house or unit?

So you want to knock out a wall in your house or unit? 

We typically get one to two enquiries every week to help unit owners (and house owners) remove internal walls and improve both the functionality and the value of their home.  So we thought it might be helpful to pen a few thoughts and tips on the issues surrounding knocking out a wall in your residence…

What can go wrong? Why can’t I just remove the wall myself?

A lot can go wrong and we have seen first hand people discover this the hard way when attempting DIY jobs. External and internal walls are often structural load bearing walls which carry the whole weight of your home. Interfering with this incorrectly can put the health and safety of your family at risk.

In some cases the wall may be non-loadbearing. In these instances, the floor or ceiling / roof structure above the wall would originally have been designed to span across the wall without actually being supported by it, and it may be feasible to remove the wall without having to install any new structural elements to support the remaining structure above.

Get a professional to check first! We service Sutherland Shire and Sydney’s inner west.

It is essential that an experienced structural engineer firstly examine the wall to determine whether or not it is loadbearing. This may be ascertained in a number of ways, such as by examining the original structural drawings for the building, (if available), or by physically inspecting the interface between the wall and structure above.  If neither of these options are viable, an engineer may use his/her experience to analyse the overall structure and determine the likelihood of the wall being loadbearing.

The key thing to note in all of this is to seek advice first.  Don’t pick up the hammer yourself and just assume that pesky wall can be removed, or that you can automatically widen the door opening into your dining room.  Drop us a line if you like – we’d be happy to help.