Top tips for maximising the space in your home

Every property owner wants to buy or build a new home that can have as much space as possible. The more space in a property, the more area there is for relaxing, storing goods, and overall enjoyment. Nobody likes a shoebox!

Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions, most of us cannot afford to purchase the land size of our dreams. Physical space costs money, especially in metro areas, and as property builders in the Sutherland Shire, we know just how expensive big blocks of land can be. However, there is no need to sook endlessly. Regardless of how teeny tiny your little block may be, there are some simple measures that you can take to optimise the amount of space you have. Keep reading to uncover our top Sydney building advice for building a new home or renovating in Inner West Sydney.

  1. Have one feature piece rather than multiple small artworks.

The way in which you design the interior of your home will have a huge impact on how big or small certain rooms feel. As popular builders in Sydney, we have seen many different approaches to interior design – some that truly maximise the space within a property, and others that leave you feeling cluttered and crowded.

One of our best tips for bedazzling the inside of your house is to favour large feature artworks rather than smaller pieces of art. Having multiple, small pieces featured on the walls of your property will clutter and confuse the space – ultimately leaving visitors to feel more enclosed and congested. Having just one big feature piece in each room is likely to visually grow the total area that you have, and make your home look as if it is much bigger than it really is. That’s a win!

  1. Think about your colour schemes carefully.

Colour can have a magnificent impact on the emotional and sensual output of a room. Some of the colours that interior designers recommend you steer away from include: yellow (moodiness), blue (sadness), red (anger), black (darkness), and orange (thirst).

The best colours for a home are often considered to be neutral colours, such as beige or white. Architectures and popular builders alike also know that neutral colours are a good slate for decorating, as personal touches of colour can easily be added through the furniture and wall art.

  1. Build from the living room outwards.

Architects, professional building companies and home-owners often debate what the most important room of a home is. Most people say that the bathroom or bedroom is the most critical space in the home, and when building from scratch, they recommend allocating large land space towards these rooms. Although every room in a house is important in its own unique way, you should truly think about what genuinely needs more physical space.

When you realistically think about where you will be spending the most amount of time in your home, it is the living room that prevails as the supreme room. Not only is this an area that you will spend a large amount of time in with your family, but it is an area meant to be for relaxation and leisure. Having a larger living room means you will immediately feel more comfortable and calm in the room. If you are going to allocate a lot of space to one particular room, the living room would certainly be the best place for it. Building outwards from the living room will ensure that you are placing significant emphasis and effort into producing a wondrous living space.

  1. Consider islands and benches to break up rooms.

To optimise your space, allow for additional storage, and offer more privacy in certain areas of the home, you could utilise islands and benches. Breaking up a room with an island effectively creates two individual spaces from one original space. Island benches are particularly popular in kitchens, and many of the best builders in Australia will recommend adding a separation bench into your food preparation zone.

You might even benefit from completely partitioning or splitting one room into two. The Steegecorp Building team are experts at renovations in Sydney’s Inner West and can assist you to make a comprehensive renovation plan that maximises your space.

  1. Extend the width of your building, right up to the fence.

Many years ago, home owners believed it was important to keep a channel of space between their side fence and main building. The space is often not used for anything – it just exists to create a break between their home and their neighbour’s land.

If you truly want to maximise the block you have, you should extend your home as far as possible to the fence line. You will obviously need to keep a walkable channel for emergency reasons, but unless you have plans of how to utilise that space, you should build your walls as close as possible to it. The best builders will know the correct materials to use to ensure your property stays soundproofed from the neighbours.