Daniel Steege is known to us for his outstanding work as a builder

“Mr Daniel Steege is known to us for his outstanding work as a builder and adviser during the renovations that we have had done to our home.

Daniel advised us from the outset on matters of costing and the best ways to achieve the outcomes that we desired. When necessary he researched building methods and materials and came back to us with his recommendations, mindful always of our budget and what we were trying to achieve.

The highest outcomes are always his goals and his attention to detail is second to none. He has ensured throughout the work completed that we were happy with what was being achieved.

The choice of contractors to complete certain sections of the job we confidently left to Daniel as we soon became aware that he would employ only those who were able to meet his high standards. The men he used were always courteous and helpful and willing to assist if a little extra was needed. Daniel was able to save us considerable funds by sourcing materials for us at a better price than we could have done ourselves. We have found Daniel Steege to be a completely honest and trustworthy person who is always open to suggestion but also ready to give advice when asked. We had no hesitation in giving him a set of keys to our house so that he could enter when needed and lock up if we happened to be out at the end ofthe day.

It is our great pleasure to recommend Daniel Steege to anyone contemplating building or renovating, secure in the knowledge that he will give only the highest standard of work to whatever job he undertakes”

Dennis and Sandra Jowett