How much is involved with the construction of a granny flat?

Granny flat projects are becoming more and more prominent across Australia. Thousands of home owners are choosing to construct granny flats to house family members or gain income from a renter. As builders in Southern Sydney, we have recognised a significant boom in the popularity of granny flats as more people begin to realise their worth.

Interestingly, the construction of a granny flat in your backyard is not a difficult project. As long as you work with good building companies and trusted construction professionals, you will find that granny flat creation requires little effort on your behalf.

Why might a granny flat be the right option for you?

When looking to rent out some extra space or house an adult family member, a granny flat is often considered to be the perfect solution. Cheap granny flats can be constructed by qualified builders relatively quickly, and it can provide more space and freedom for both the person in the granny flat, and the people living in the main property. 

The benefits of a granny flat include:

  • The construction of a granny flat can occur with minimal interference to the main property of residence.
  • The tenant in the granny flat will experience much cheaper rental costs compared to if they rented an entire property.
  • Granny flats can be a simpler project in some regards when compared to home extension projects.
  • A granny flat provides the resident with privacy and personal space away from the main property of residence.
  • Granny flats are entirely customisable and can be developed with your needs in mind.
  • There is often no demolition involved with a granny flat building project.
  • The granny flat is still in close proximity to the home, so you can continue to maintain it well as the owner.

Where can you start with a granny flat project?

Kicking off a granny flat project in Southern Sydney is easy once you engage with the correct consultants. The main professionals that you will benefit from speaking to are an architect and a builder.

The architect will assist you in designing the granny flat and helping you to utilise the space you have to its fullest. They should spend time with you to understand your unique requirements, and they will then develop a design that you can provide feedback on. Once you are happy with the architect’s design, you can begin working with a building company to kick off the construction.

The best builders in The Shire should work closely with your architect to ensure they are creating a granny flat that meets your expectations and desires. The Steegecorp Building team are qualified builders who specialise is structurally sound, safe, durable and beautiful building projects.

How much do granny flats cost in Australia?

The best way to obtain an accurate estimate of the price of a granny flat is to get in touch with a qualified Southern Sydney builder. Once they understand the details of your particular project, they will capable of providing a quote.

Granny flats are not as expensive as entire home projects – they are significantly smaller, after all! However, you can expect to be charged for all of the materials and labour involved. An important factor to remember is that a granny flat addition is a significant investment to your site. If you choose to rent out the granny flat, you will be obtaining a passive income. If you ever choose to sell your home, the granny flat will increase the value of your sell.

Things to consider before investing in a granny flat.

Firstly, it is important to recognise that a granny flat will consume some of your garden space. If you have a large site, this may not matter to you. However, if you have a growing family, your children may want to use the outdoor area for themselves.

Secondly, you should think carefully about who is going to be residing in the granny flat. If it truly is a ‘granny’, then you may need to make design decisions based on their elderly nature. Disability access, flat ground, and roomy bedrooms are typically better for an older resident. On the other hand, an adolescent may appreciate larger living spaces that can be used for entertaining friends. As the owner of the granny flat, you are the ultimate decision-maker, but it is valuable to consider the particular needs of your granny flat resident.

Lastly, it is vital to note that your granny flat project can only be a successful one if you engage with trusted and popular builders in The Shire. The team at Steegecorp Building are experts in granny flat developments and would love the opportunity to discuss your upcoming project details. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members for more information on our experience and services.